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Picnic Pack




  1. Relish: All green! Green peony with white strobe, green peony with crackle, and green peony with silver chrysanthemum.
  2. Ketchup: All red! Red peony with white strobe, red peony with crackle, and red peony with silver chrysanthemum.
  3. Mustard: All yellow! Yellow peony with white strobe, yellow peony with crackle, and yellow peony with silver chrysanthemum.

# of Shots: 6 shots each (18 shots total)

PLEASE NOTE: Bartz Fireworks cannot guarantee a customer will receive the Picnic Pack color of their choice. Bartz Fireworks will do its best to accommodate requests based on availability. Bartz Fireworks will randomly select a color from this list if the selected color is not available.

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